Endure Suture

Clinically Tested and Certified

Endure Sutures meet all relevant FDA and CE standards related to product quality and safety in a clinical setting.

The sutures are ISO 9110 and ISO 13485 certified. For a full list of associated specifications and clinical testing, please contact our Clinical Product Specialists at support@wesuture.com.

The Sutures & Strips catalog is a comprehensive and transparent catalog where you'll find detailed information of the product description and materials all with written prices and no hidden cost.

Sutures & Strips 2021 catalogs are available in many forms. Simply click on the images below to view, download or receive our most current and informative catalog.


They can be viewed directly from your browser, so you don't need to download anything.




If you'd rather not print the pages off at home, simply choose the hard copy option where we will send you our catalog directly to your doorstep.




There is also PDF option if you'd prefer to save it to your computer or phone and browse the catalog without an internet connection