Needle Technical Information

Clinically Tested and Certified

Endure Sutures meet all relevant FDA and CE standards related to product quality and safety in a clinical setting.

The sutures are ISO 9110 and ISO 13485 certified. For a full list of associated specifications and clinical testing, please contact our Clinical Product Specialists at support@wesuture.com.

WeSuture Needles

Needle is an essential component as it is the first part to pass through tissues and conditions the success of the suturing, to a certain extent. Suture needles consist of 3 parts: point, body and curvature. Each of these features has to be carefully identified for choosing the most appropriate needle for the patient and the type of surgery involved.

Endure surgical needles are made from premium stainless steel alloy AISI 300, also known as Austenitic stainless steel. Created by machine with newly developed techniques in order to maintain precision and better penetration performance.

The super alloy exhibits excellent ductility and bending characteristics, offer a better penetration performance. The perfect material for processing sharp edges required for cutting needles. It is significantly sharper pass after pass with a high combination of strength and ductility.

Available in a wide range of types and tips meticulously designed for different suturing procedure needs.