Endure Suture

Clinically Tested and Certified

Endure Sutures meet all relevant FDA and CE standards related to product quality and safety in a clinical setting.

The sutures are ISO 9110 and ISO 13485 certified. For a full list of associated specifications and clinical testing, please contact our Clinical Product Specialists at support@wesuture.com.

Endure Surgical Sutures

Endure Surgical Sutures consist of a wide selection of both Absorbable and Non-Absorbable sutures.
Manufactured in partnership with Wego, Endure's comprehensive catalog offers clinical staff a variety of options.
They can choose the best suture option for their particular case from an assortment of various Needle Types, Material Compositions, Structures, and Lengths.
Endure Sutures are ISO 9110 and ISO 13485 certified,
CE marked and FDA approved. (Contact us for more detail)


Endure Wound Closure Strips

Endure Skin Closures come in a variety of types and sizes. They are designed to be a great fit for closing small wounds and incisions.
Endure Reinforced Skin Closures offer additional dexterity for challenging incisions. They are breathable and comfortable for extended use.
Endure Antimicrobial skin closures are crafted using Lodophor, a special adhesive that acts as a reliable antiseptic when applied to skin surfaces.
The skin closures are lined with porous, breathable non-woven material that offers similar dexterity to the Reinforced skin closures.