Endure PDO, Violet - 3/8 PRC, 5-0

Endure PDO, Violet - 3/8 PRC, 5-0


Absorbable Suture

SKU ED56163-45 equivalent to D56163-45 and ED56133-45 equivalent to D56133-45.

The chemical composition for PDO Sutures consists of Polydioxanone. They are a great choice for cases that require extended wound support for more than 4 weeks. In terms of Mass Absorption, PDO sutures have degradation by hydrolysis within 180-220 days. The structure consists of a monofilament. Contraindications consist of approximation of tissue under tension and the suturing of synthetic implants (i.e. vascular grafts and cardiac valves). 

Product Details: 

Contraindications :

Approximation of tissue under tension for suturing of synthetic implants like vascular grafts or cardiac valves.