Endure PGLA, Undyed - 3/8 PRC, 4-0

Endure PGLA, Undyed - 3/8 PRC, 4-0


Absorbable Suture

SKU EA46163U-45 equivalent to A46163U-45.

The chemical composition for PGLA sutures consists of Poly (glycolide-co-lactide) (90/10). It is developed with a Poly (glycolide-co-lactide (30/70) and a Calcium Stearate coating. It features rapid absorption with a Knot Tensile Strength of (75%) at 7 days post-implantation, (40%) at 21 days post-implantation, and (20%) at 28 days
post-implantation. Mass Absorption amounts to degradation by hydrolysis within 56-70 days. These sutures are great for a variety of wound care applications. Sterilized using Ethylene Oxide.

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