Endure Rapid PGLA, Undyed - Straight Needle, 4-0

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Endure Rapid PGLA, Undyed - Straight Needle, 4-0

Endure Rapid PGLA, Undyed - Straight Needle, 4-0

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SKU : EJ43130-45

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This product is equivalent to: VICRYL RAPIDE™ by Ethicon, Safil® Quick by Henry Schein®

Absorbable Suture

Endure Rapid PGLA, Undyed - Straight Needle, 4-0

Packaging: 12/box | Sterilized Using Ethylene Oxide | Suture Color: Violet

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4-0 Straight Needle | 13 mm 45 cm (18") Undyed EJ43130-45 $ 28.00 Add To Cart



The Endure Absorbable Rapid PGLA (Polyglycolide-co-Iactide) Suture is a sterile, synthetic suture composed of a copolymer made from 90% glycol ide and 10% L-Iactide. The empirical formula of the copolymer is (C2H2O2)m(C3H4O2)n. It is developed with a Poly (glycolide-co-lactide (30/70) and a Calcium Stearate coating. Rapid-PGLA sutures are excellent for general soft tissue approximation where only short-term wound support is required.

WeSuture is the brand name of sutures by Endure Industries. Our Rapid PGLA Sutures meet the requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) monograph requirements for absorbable surgical sutures.

Structure : Multifilament, braided
Chemical Composition : 90% Glycolide and 10 % L-Lactide
Coating : Poly (glycolide-co-lactide) (30/70) and Calcium Stearate
Thread Color : Violet
Sizes : EP gauge 0.4-6 (USP sizes 8-0 through 3 or 4
Knot Tensile Strength Retention : 14 days post-implantation 75%
21 days post-implantation 40%
28 days post-implantation 20%
Mass Absorption : Degradation by hydrolysis within 56 - 70 days
Indication : General soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in ophthalmic surgery
Sterilization : Ethylene oxide

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