Wound Skin Closures, Reinforced

Endure Wound Skin Closure Strips, also known as Wound Closure Strips offer additional dexterity for challenging incisions. Designed for use in addition to, or in place of sutures, they are hypoallergenic and have great long-term adhesion to keep wounds covered while they recover.

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Wound Skin Closures, Antimicrobial

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Endure Surgical Skin Staplers

Endure Surgical Skin Staplers are specialized staples that are used instead of sutures to mend skin wounds, join or remove parts of the intestines or lungs during surgery. Using staples instead of sutures reduces the local inflammatory response, wound size, and healing time.

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Surgical Skin Staple Removers

The Endure Skin Staple Removers are specially designed to precisely remove staples in the same axis that they were placed with minimal pain and infection risk. These scissor-type skin stapler removers are suitable for removing all types of surgical staples.

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